Website Mission

This is a genealogical database of people, from West Cork, where information is difficult to get. Anyone interested in contributing to the database will have free access to the entire database including all notes.  We are continually expanding and those who are willing to participate should send files in GEDCOM  format, but failing that, text format will suffice. This search facility for family names is published, without notes,or information which would affect privacy rights of individuals,born after the year 1920. Some of the names already in the database are: ALLEN, APPELBE, ATT(E)RIDGE, ATKINS, BARRETT, BATEMAN, BEAMISH, BENNETT, BERRY, BRADFIELD, BROWNE, BRYAN, BURCHILL, BUTTIMER, CAMIER, COLE, COPITHORNE, COLLINS, CONNELL, COSTELLO, COTTOM, CROSTON, DALY, DAMERY, DUKELOW, FAHY, GOSNELL, HINGSTON, JAGOE, JENNINGS, JERMYN, JOHNSON, JONES, KEANE, KERIVAN, KINGSTON, LANE, LEHANE, LEVIS, LOVE, MCCARTHY, MELVILLE, PYBURN, ROYCROFT, SALTER, SHANNON, SHIPSEY, SHORTEN, SKUCE, STOUT, SWANTON, SWEETNAM, VICKERY, WILLIS, WOLFE & YOUNG.